​​​​"A new powerful way to understand and work through the losses in your life.  I have needed this resolution for so many years.  I am amazed that the process works so quickly and so fully." - A New Life 2017

"I have gone to therapy for years and haven’t achieved this amount of growth in such a short time frame” – Jake from West Hartford

"This was an amazing and reflective experience that connected many dots and brought much clarity" - Breathing Again - 2016

"This group has truly changed me so much in just a short 8 weeks. I've learned so much about myself  and how others 'perceive' my grief.  I was able to open in how I feel about my grief, how I can grow, how to work through the pain" - A grieving widow

"Helps to process unresolved emotions so that healing can happen for all different types of loss. I feel truly unburdened, began to let go of the heaviness and pain, and feel sure I will use the tools again" - Griever 2017

"It gave me perspective, helped me to think about things in a new way so I could  move forward" - W.A.S - 2016

"Intense experience that allows you to get in touch deeply with your unfinished pain.  It made me less afraid of my pain and I feel braver, more settled, and complete!" - An Open Heart

"An opportunity to grow and move beyond loss/trauma experiences that color your day to day life" - Participant from East Hartford - 2017

"It is about learning more about the relationship you have had not just about the death. Healing, Forgiveness,  Letting go, Discovery" - Anonymous from Windsor Locks 2018

"I am a new griever.  Its never too early to start this process.  I re-examined relationships and what I knew about loss" - New Griever from South Windsor

" Very informative in learning ways to use tools that help you learn how to deal with grief.  Made me really look at things and dig deep" - A sister's journey of saying goodbye to brother

"Extraordinary in scope of issues related to grieving.  It helped me to sort through issues emotionally that have been unresolved" - Friend from West Simsbury

"You do alot of work, thinking and reflecting.  You become a student of Yourself" - Collinsville Group Member 2017

​​" A fantastic way to learn organized thinking to very complex emotions. Gives the tools needed to deal with a process that is necessary in life to deal with the complications of  grief" - Sue's Journey 2017

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